The Agricultural Census at a glance offers an overview of the main results of the 2010 Agricultural Census for a quick reference to data in a download version. The data are broken down at regional level and organized into five themes: Structure of agricultural holdings, Crops, Livestock, Labour, Other Activities. Time Series are available in a separate section.

The goal is to provide an easy-to-read consultation of data, with the aid of interactive graphics that users can download and saved in jpg or png formats.

Each table can be exported in xls, csv and sdmx formats and provides more detailed information through appropriate links to the 2010 Agricultural Census data warehouse.

Graphs and tables can be shared through a range of social buttons available on each page.

Datawarehouse - The data warehouse of 2010 Agricultural Census Istat eXplorer - Customizable data visualization of 2010 Agricultural Census Census - More information on the web site dedicated to 2010 Agricultural Census